Interestingly, today is earth day.  I don’t know the origin of that.  It correlates quite a bit with The World card of the Major Arcana.


Born, reborn, spring, entering the world. A joyful beauty greets you. Here we see the return of the four corners, and a winding wreath that suggests the ouroboros, the snake the wraps itself around the world, creature of the mysteries, self-sustaining, or speaking itself into existence.

And who is it that has been born? Has the fool transcended the bindings, walking now in more worlds? Or, learning nothing, at the beginning of his journey again.

Nine more days to May 1st is time to orient yourself on this nodal point of the great throne of The Lord. Recognize the cycles and move beyond them.  We, made of the earth, let us find spirit and connect ourselves to soul.

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