Tonight is the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower, which occurs in April at this time.  The moon has also been consorting with jupiter right along the ecliptic. They were closest on the Seventeenth, and now she has passed Jupiter by and has entered the Sun’s (apparent) ecliptic line.  These no doubt have significance in astrology, but I am nescient of such things.

It is also Walpurgis night. Or Night of the Witch, as it was called in northern Europe going back to antiquity I suppose. This is a time of year of great tumult whether we are speaking of the Oklahoma city bombing, the Bavarian Bolshevik Revolution, or “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World,” The precursor to the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord, to name but I a few.

Perhaps this time period often has the Moon crossing the ecliptic of the sun, which could have potentially seemed significant to ancient astronomers.  Most people don’t know that these events are still significant in our modern times, and an investigation into war strategy, shuttle launches, and political decisions have been made for astrological, rather than, presumably, logical, reasons.

Strangely this year was the earthquakes that took place on the 17th felt in both Japan and, more severely, very severely in Equador (named for the equator), when jupiter and the moon were kissing, and while I was writing about The Tower card with it’s foundations shaken to the ground by a thunderbolt from the sky (Zeus, Jupiter).

Today a replica of the “Temple of Ba’al”, or at least its gate was presented in Trafalgar Square, although, despite reports, the same replica was not shown in New York.  I wonder if anyone got a chance to walk through he gates today.


For me it is the night of The Moon card, a card that conveys a sense of tension, and tumult. Animalistic forces are prevalent.  The Moon governs the tides, and with he moon high the tides are rising.  I will relate these forces to birth, though I think they have a far broader and multifaceted meaning than that.  To the initiate though, he is being reborn. the tension and the waves are the contractions of the divine mother.  I have heard that birth is the first time a child will experience love making (bizarre I know).  Could we be seeing a solar eclipse with The Moon Card? Tension and hardship brought on by the tidal forces of life allows one to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, creative potential and continuous rebirth. Whose world are you born into?  This is not something we have the power to control, but we have the ability to be conscious of our own perception in order to frame reality.

The wise receive the crown of the crescent moon above their brow when the spirit has risen within them.

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