Piercing The Shadow

Behold, the star in the sky. It nourishes us. It’s energy flows into us like falling water, and washes away trouble. It renews us. It signifies resurrection.

No darkness is ever so vast that there is no star light.  No matter the difficulty of travails the celestial bodies are watching over you at all times even when you don’t perceive them. They will nourish you.  Find these sources of rejuvenation and they will guide you through the hardship of the night of the soul.


I am reminded of the story in the gospels of the star heralding the coming of the true king, messiah, christ. I think many people who are not themselves Christian resent the story, or what they no of it, but I can’t say I feel this way.  Particularly this beginning with the star in the sky, signifying a birth. It is a heartwarming, nourishing story to me. Be on the look out for a celestial message of good tidings.

A heavenly message of good tidings, tidings like the ripples of water emanating forth from the maiden’s carafes, waters released like the birth waters of the divine mother issuing forth. A birth, contrary to modern opinion is good tidings.

The initiate, immersed in darkness, rediscovering himself, rebuilding his foundations, must ride the waves towards the light, both gentle currents and fierce tremors, they are the contractions of a divine force seeking to birth you into the world.

The ancients believed this was a time when generative forces were being imbued back into the cosmos around them. Magi supposed that this was a time where our physical world met the vertex of the world of light beyond.  A formula performed correctly at this time could become imbued with these forces more potently, and lend greater power, and telos to one’s objective, increasing the likelihood and potency of the outcome.

The wise would look for a message for when the time is at hand.

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