Hidden Force

I have more to say than I’ve been able to put on post because of self-created time constraints, but I want to get an obscure idea out.  I conceived of this notion along with this self made prompt for writing which I’ve been following since April Fool’s day.  It’s a speculation on my part that a real type of initiatory process is occurring right now for some occult group (I don’t know what group, and I couldn’t even speculate, but I am thinking it would be a high order).  April Fool’s day is neophyte day, and over the next 21 days some group goes through the initiatory rites in a progression akin to the Tarot.

Synchronistically, I was reading the New York Times and I found out that a Syrian temple, A solar temple dedicated to  Ba’al (an epithet widely applied to solar deities thought the levant of pre-antiquity and antiquity), that was destroyed by ISIS (an ambiguous criminal organization that doesn’t go by that name, yet western media continuously use as an abbreviation, and just so happens to be the name of the central female deity in Egyptian religion), is being rebuilt in Times Square and Trafalgar Square and will be exhibited starting on the 19th, which is the number given the Sun Card, and the Moon Card could be called the 19th card if you count from the fool (In greek and roman times Isis was associated with the Moon, and in ancient Egypt was associated with the Sun, but also Sirius).  The 19th is also Walpurgis Night, and I believe it is when the Sun passes into the house of Taurus.  Taurus is, as has been discussed in previous posts, heavily signified within the Tarot (although one could say this about the entire Zodiac).

While this all could simply be seen as synchronistic nonsense, I don’t see it as out of the realm of possibility that an initiatory group would be passing through the arches of this temple replica, as a symbolic form of passing into a new world, or perhaps using it as a kind of crossroads gate to connect with occult forces (in their minds, even if it is only meant ritually).  The 19th and 20th mark the beginning of  World Heritage week, a UNESCO thing, and I would feel remiss if I did’t mention that the last card is The World.

It has also crossed my mind that we are all part of this yearly initiatory process, a cycle if you will, but we return through our voyage back into the world as the same fools we always were, having not completed the initiation.  Beltane was a holiday the Celts celebrated on May 1st.  Some speculate that it was a significant day because it was when the  people would drive their cattle to summer pastures.  They would drive the cattle between two large flames that was said to keep the cattle healthy for the year.  Today maybe social engineers, through propaganda and marketing magic, metaphorically drive their cash cattle into summer pastures this time of year, mold for us a new corral that we are led into and accept our new reality as the reality that has always been.

On the dark side of all this is the notion that a sacrifice of some kind would be carried out to appease some occult forces, horrible atrocities are the burning fires we are driven through to purge us of doubts about our safety. It is an election year, and a topsy turvy time altogether, a time of high anxiety. If someone were in a position of appropriate leverage, such a person could truly maneuver the herds.


The Tower. The energy moves wrong, out of balance with the heavens, and sends the masculine and feminine careening away from one another towards the ground. Build a good foundation. Check your balance. Have humility before the true king.

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