A kind of Learning

Whereas yesterday’s card was Justice, today is penance.  The young man is bound to the tree, perhaps it is the tree of life.  Bound to this life we must take responsibility for our actions.  Yet the young man has no actions. He is inactive. Tied by the foot he is not swinging like a pendulum back and forth anymore but has found comfort in the neutral position.  The position at rest.  When you are in a bind struggling will only send you back and forth in the karmic cycles. But coming to rest, you will find the mind light up.  Perhaps in this state of balance one can call on more profound forces within him, or beyond him for solace.  The background is grey as if the sun is somewhere close to dusk or dawn, the sun facing behind the man, who rests facing the dark.  And what is this dark staring back at him…


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