And Justice For All…

Moving into the second half of the Tarot, Spring was born again today after ten days of winter.  hopefully nature is coming into better balance and we can experience the growing season.  Everyone is passed ready for it.

The image of The Justice card is very traditional, drawing upon Iusticia, I believe her name was, the Roman goddess of justice and where the word comes from.  This same goddess is Libra in the sky watching over us from afar, perhaps awaiting a return to the golden age, she is placed next to Virgo/Astrea, who correlates with the Tarot card, Strength.

As America I sometimes get the feeling like we don’t revere justice the concept, so much as serve justice the goddess.  In all our campaigns in so many theaters of war we are not bringing justice, but crusading. Justice has a violent side.  Perhaps this is what the raised sword in the Tarot card alludes to.

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