Merry Go Round


The ten card (Actually the eleventh), half way through the Tarot, and The Wheel Of Fortune reminds me the most of a magical sigil.  The details are too numerous to note, but some significant ones would be the symbols of salt, sulfur and mercury, or body, mind and spirit, within the circle. And then the four corners contain the four corners of the world, or their representative entities, or the four gospels, or the carriers of the throne of God in Ezekiel’s vision, or Leo, scorpio, aquarius and taurus, maybe it represents all these things, and certainly suggests more even. They are bound to it, and I wonder if it is more than an illusion, but rather an actual attempt at a binding.  This could very well simply be my ignorance showing here, but the spell aspect of the card generates a concern within me.  It is a microcosm of my trepidation over the Tarot that I mentioned in the last post.  And it reminds me of a speculation I had when first beginning this series of posts that April fools day signaled some kind of initiatory process or spell that goes into a significant stage  when the sun enters into the house of Taurus, which is nearly upon us.  Of course, even if there was, I don’t know how I’d know.  Nevertheless I’m just putting the idea out there.

The card itself seems deliberately mysterious, and ambiguous, just like fortune itself.  Instead of focusing on fortune, the wheel that goes round and round, focus on your higher purpose, and bring your focus to the now, rather than to some arbitrary end that says, “this is fortune,” which will almost always be fleeting. I like the line in Watchmen, “Nothing ever ends.”



Like The Chariot, and The Hermit, find the axiom and get off the marry-go-round of samsara.  Easy to say of course…

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