The Magic Touch

I ended the last post with a comment about octaves.

This is going to be very short even though I have a lot to say. The Strength Card of The Major Arcana shares with The Magician card the eight/infinite character suspended over their head. While I think a lot could be said about The Chariot and Octaves, an Octave exists between The Magician and The Strength, A feminine card (feminine, for in actuality it is the ninth card). We See the lady holding and controlling a lion who is licking her hand.

I take many issues using the word Magician, because I think the negative connotations associated with the word magic, mage or magi, have their place, yet I think there is something to be said about the magic of nature, the beyond description of creation, which is for lack of a better word magical in many ways.

Magic in one case could be the movement of ones will into alignment with nature–the creative generative principle, rather than bending nature to one’s will; for, the will of man does not seem bound by external forces in quite the same manner that  other natural phenomena seem to be.

Strength in The Major Arcana is in harmony with nature, so can control the beastly force of the lion. She has the natural touch. Moving her will in attunement with that is other than natural, since the will is a different type thing than creation otherwise understood. It is a magical thing.

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