Life and Knowledge

rws-vi-the-loversThat our most fundamental creative act, sex, is a sin is a mystery beyond me, though I don’t shrug it off as many perspectives would like to, engaging with the nuances of the principle of it endeavors into the very existential nature of man. Powerful interpretations of the Genesis story already exist, and I have little if any to add to the topic, but I will say this, as I watch the Spring struggling to be born out my window, the creative drive seems everything but sinful in nature; yet, www humans are not entirely bound by this nature. We are unique, and not just another one of the animals, and how we define ourselves existentially is important not only internally, but to the entirety of this world.

As it stands, the Genesis tale is a compelling rite of initiation into the world, that we must take responsibility for our knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong.  This is all-too-true, and the world suffers for a lack of responsibility.

The Lovers are cosmic forces, hinted at before, odd and even, the Empress and the Emperor, but now it is contained within a single entity of the Sixth Major Arcana. Six is a lucky number. Both the sum and the product of of six’s factors 1,2,and 3 is six, the first perfect number, so called in arithmetic.  Also the sum of 1,2,3,4,5  equals fifteen, and 1 and 5 is six.

The binding of two equilateral triangles into the six pointed star is often represented in alchemy as the fusion of the elements, alchemical nuptials.  The Lovers represents an internal process of growth and fusion not unlike the magic of the burgeoning of spring.  The unification of the masculine and feminine principles.

But The Lovers is the seventh card, perhaps alluding to the seventh day of creation where God rested. Here the creative choice, binding of the polarity, and transforming consciousness is our responsibility.

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