The Way You Seek

It is the growing season.  It’s trying to be. The cold and wind don’t seem to want to let up. In order to grow there needs to be direction. The direction of the sun shortens the shadows. In the light the vibrant energy can come out to dance.  The longer the sun shines the more heat begins to build up.  To grow it is necessary to have both the flowing life force and the severe heat.  this is true also for anyone who wants to cultivate himself. These directions are abstract ones, even esoteric ones in that they are invisible to all but internal experience. Such roads can be difficult to discover. It may be necessary to have a guide.  As the paths you take to gain direction for life are not material, the guide you may be looking for may be visible only with super-mundane eyes.  There are the four corners of the earth, and there is above and below, there is the past and the future, but there is also the pillar upon which these emanate. The principle of direction and guidance.  The Hierophant card in the Major Arcana is like this.  I’ve never responded well to the pope-like figure. To think of him as a guide figure is counter intuitive to me, but be careful where wisdom lies, seeing with super-mundane eyes means to look passed the world and familiar features and recognize the lesson being conveyed to you through signs, and be brave, gracious, and wise enough to accept a message when and where it appears. Do not kill the messenger.

The initiate seeks knowledge. The keys are before him and the Hierophant points the way.


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