Conflicted Self


Where this is going I’m not entirely sure.  If you ever stand before The Emperor though, be sure. Hot tempered and severe, what reason does he have to look at you? He is the Emperor. He has a commanding presence, suggestive of Jupiter or Mars, or perhaps the Nordic Tyr. The color and the barren landscape reminds us of heat, the burning force within us the seeks to lead, to control, to dominate forcefully.

We could use some of this fire now, as spring has faded back into the caves of tartarus, and it is bitter cold this month. A very mysterious April. The natural forces seem disrupted. We biological creatures all need our seasonal transformations. It is the natural initiation process of life forms.  There are biological rites of passage.  It feels as though an impediment is occurring in these forces, and that we are being guided to another threshold. What this passage is I cannot say, but the collective psyche is turbulent.  Many people are on edge. I get the sense as though the forces of nature are tense as well.

Conflict is arising over who will be in control. In this country,  The United States, political controversies amass within both parties, and towards the presidency as well. Here and abroad the threats of war signify underlying disputes over military international dominance.

But could these worldly conflicts simply be manifestations of more profound, unseen struggles for power over fundamental forces of nature?

There is a false dialectic that we must rule others or be ruled.  Most people deep down want an emperor to rule them, or to be emperor. Last post I commented about the generative energy, and with the Empress it creates abundance and growth, but with the Emperor the heat of the energy burns. Like the sun in the heart of the summer time browning the grass, the intensity of this energy has the capacity to annihilate, to wipe out what it has produced.  In the Tarot image water is just a trickle. One could imagine it evaporating right there.  All that remains is the hard stone throne, and the metal of the emperor.

In life we fearfully direct this energy away from us on to others.  The type who want a ruler cast this energy on to their idol, delivering to the their power. Those seeking to rule use this energy to burn down their opponents.

The initiate must reflect deeply, turning this energy on himself. The heat will purify the stone and temper the steel.  As the proverb goes, “Strike while the iron is hot.”  The Emperor teaches discipline in order that the initiate may come to rule himself.

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