Not All One

“Wisdom comes from nothingness”

Last time, when I spoke of numbers in regards to people what I left unsaid was that numbers are representative of philosophical principles, filters of the psyche, and correspondents to tangible things in the external world. We have a capacity to access and utilize all of the numerical properties, and to experience the world in those ways, and they are all important. Oneness can relate to both identity and unity. Working our way backward we conclude we are all united in oneness. Separateness is an illusion. Yet to force oneself solely into this construct separates us from infinite numerical properties. Wouldn’t you want to meet the other? isn’t this the real birth of love, of the myriad things, of the universe: recognizing the other?

Someone asked me today what it is I’m writing about. I’m not sure I know any better than he does. I guess I am making free associations between disparate ideas that come to mind (“Free associations” is quite possibly a euphemism for loose associations). The theme is the process of initiation relating to the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. It all seemed to congeal for me on April Fool’s day, and I’m running with this prank on myself.
Polarity. The pendulum swinging back and forth (expressing the dynamism of balance?). While polarity is made of complementary forces our tendency is to consider polarity as a state of opposing forces (the word opposite). We often make the mistake that good and evil, most obviously, would be polar opposites, whereas it may be more accurate to see evil as actions that disbalance the dynamic rhythm of polarities, night and day, cold and hot, female male, complement one another.
Here in Columbus the seasons seem to be in a form of weather warfare with each other. Winter crushes the the attempts of spring to be born, perhaps he is offended by the weak winter we experienced this year; nevertheless, spring continues to be reborn with every sign of the sunny sky. Or perhaps Persephone misses Hades and can’t bring herself to leave the caves of Tartarus completely. Perhaps Spring needs a midwife.

Here we see The Priestess, patient and serene sitting between the two pillars Boaz and Joachim. The entry way to many temples, both of a traditional religious nature as well as masonic lodges, are upheld by two pillars. Polarity. This is the entry way for the initiate being born into a new life, Sitting amongst the eternal waters, images of pomegranates behind her, crescent moon at her feet, and a pearl-like headdress upon her, perhaps embodying the full moon, she embodies, womanhood, the cycles, the waters of birth. she appears to me as a spiritual midwife to guide the initiate through his birth into his new life. The horn-like appendages on her head are cow-like, as are her eyes. This look suggests to me the zodiac sign of Taurus. The sign that the sun is in the process of moving to. I know very little about astrology, but I fairly certain that according to their understanding, Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and that the moon is Taurus’ exultant, both feminine symbols. It should be noted that the Romans held a festival for Venus at this time. The Veneralia was held on April First just like April fools day. This Festival was significant to Sibylline Priestesses.


She is the balancing point between the polarities to keep the initiate steady. Walking through the gate to his new life he symbolically represents the middle pillar on the kabalistic tree of life. He is walking tiphareth into a state where, with the help of the priestess he can unite it with the other, Kether, his higher self.


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