A Time to Sow

Right now I’m going to make this quick if I can, since I have limited time. I wish I had more. Don’t we all. time. Time is short. Life has the experience of being like Spring and summer–all too short, and you let it slip away. Growth. And decay. I had wanted to plant seeds in the garden today, but it was too cold. I don’t know how I would have found time with work and obligations anyways.  Instead I’m racing around losing balance in order to try and gain balance so time can fade away and there is just right now. Now is eternal, but experiencing it is all too brief.


Now Is The Empress, 3 in the Major Arcana.  She is the desired state, where you want to be, yet in appeasing her you find yourself on a dozen errands, struggling to remember her beauty.  One look at her and you remember  the sensation of having abundance, abundant life, abundant potential, energy, cascading like water.  She represents the generative principle, fertile like grain, seductive and powerful, yet motherly.  To me she very much embodies the energy of the spring.

While I don’t see her as directly embodying Persephone, rather I see her as a figure more like Aphrodite or Demeter, or Freya from Norse mythology; I nevertheless am reminded of the energies of youth and fertility that I think the myth of Persephone and Hades embodies.  A myth that I believe was a major facet to the Eleusinian Mysteries, which may have typically taken place around this time of year (beginning of April), though It could have been late February. Persephone is to me the embodiment of the growth of the spring, youthful vigor and play, vibrant like the emerging flowers of the Spring. I’m coining Persephonic energy as the energy of spring.

A cursory Look at the etymology of Persephone didn’t yield much. But there was a mention of person and phone.  I found it very interesting that person used to literally mean mask, or a character/personage in a drama. And phone means voice or sound.  I feel like Persephone is a mask for the sound of the mother deity, de-mater, Demeter. It is the generative energy given the form of birth, and renewal, vigorous growth, and childhood.

Maybe there was some wisdom in meditating on the single mown ear of grain that the Eleusinians are alleged to have done. An esoteric conveyance of a profound mystery…


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