More Than One

Following up on yesterday’s post. I remain intrigued with my recognition that the initiations into the mysteries would likely begin in the spring. And why not? it is the time of beginnings.
Noticing yesterday that it was April Fool’s day, I looked up a bit of the background of festivals of this time of year in general, and was reminded of the initiatory mysteries of antiquity. Synchronistically, I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Fool in the Tarot deck when thinking of this particular day, and considering it in light of festivals and mysteries, I was reminded how The Fool could easily be rendered as a neophyte entering the initiatory process of The Major Arcana.

rider-waite-smith_deckFurther, I recognized that if you were to represent the twenty two…Arcanum?…meh, cards as days then it would take you right into Walpurgisnacht/Beltane/May Day (a time starting on April 19th and ending on around may fifth), as well as the time when the sun will move into the house of taurus. So a time of year that was significant to many religions and cultures of antiquity, and remains significant to various occult groups today.

April is regarded etymologically around the idea of opening, or giving birth. In our western calendar it is the fourth month, which reminds me of the four cardinal directions, the four seasons, the four elements of antiquity, and the four suits of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, which themselves can represent such ideas. Four, making the square, the checkerboard floor of existence. Two dimensional reality.

This is one possible representation of the table of The Magician, the 1 card of The Major Arcana, the table being the four directions. It is the mundane earth and the emblems of the four suits rest upon it as tools for the Magician who holds a candle above it, perhaps representing the power that oversees the mundane. Pointing both up and down he shows us the forces above and below that impact the mundane world, “as above so below”.
The forces of nature on the table are subject to his will because he has knowledge, points the direction to it, has a grasp of it. He shows the initiate that he too has always been a magician, casting incantations of ignorance by not taking responsibility for his unique creative and rational faculties. He shows the unifying principle. We have all been practicing magic. we are all 1. And we are so much more, for we are all one in that we are all four, or six; we are all one in that he is being six while I am being eight; we are all twos and we are all fifteens. The beauty of the conscious mind, I’am’ness, identity, is the capacity to access infinite’s wisdom and power from a foundation of one.
Any individual trying to tap into the force of The Magician ought to remember that while I Am is the one, The Magician is the second card, which could raise the question as to whom is the real fool?

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