The Fool’s Day

A new potency fills the air today, almost electric, an ionic wind mingling in the trees. Spring. Its arrival enchants us. Over and over again, Spring always feels new. It is the force of renewal and rebirth. Here in Columbus, Ohio at least, it feels reborn today, this day of fools.
And why not April Fool’s Day? The Generative principle is visible upon the budding limbs of the trees. Insects are rising out of hibernation. Geese are returning north, singing obnoxious ballads of their conquests. Sexual energy is a kinetic force in flora and fauna. This resurgence awakens powerful forces in our own nux that lead us away from our mental faculties. In such a season we are apt to act like fools.
In antiquity April was the time of festivals for Venus, for sewing seeds, fertility, the Dionysian and Eleusinian mysteries, whose themes are fertility and rebirth, and this is also the time of year for Easter. However, the forces of Spring were born this year on April Fool’s Day. Anyone so inclined can speculate on the significance of that.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Fool, the 0 card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. His head tilted back dreamily, perhaps after smelling the virginal, white flower he holds ever so gently in his hand, not looking where he is going, unaware of the perils surrounding him, he is lead by his heart, or perhaps his baser instincts. He is not so unlike someone enchanted with the spell of the energies of spring. He is also the neophyte. The new initiate who is to be entered into the mysteries.
Perhaps April Fool’s day is some vestige of that. A memory of a prank played to teach a lesson to gullible youth, an esoteric teaching to harness his burgeoning, generative, sexual energy and grow it towards the light of adulthood.

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