The American Experiment

“Can individuals left to their own devices, with as little oversight as possible, survive and thrive simply through free association?” This is the generative seed of the American narrative, though only implied. It is nestled deep in the soil of the human spirit despite efforts to salt the earth.

The word America connects to many images in the modern mind.  The younger the person the more caricature it becomes (don’t believe for a second that the PR isn’t working like it used to. It’s working magnificently. simply the objective has changed). In both young and old minds it’s still flag parades and shopping malls, but for the young these images are outdated (We have been taught that all old things are disposable). So when people here America referenced in an essay they grown at the expectation of tired patriotic rhetoric, or perhaps from the opposite spectrum a harangue with a long list of injustices. Yet I intend to do neither.

None of the founding fathers so far as I know explicitly stated the above sentence, and indeed this is not what the United States would become; but, as America was being conceived this was the principle that the debates were revolving around. And if you reflect upon the idea carefully I think you will see how far removed we’ve are. in this place and time, where people think freedom is sold at a market, and an individual is an unjustified luxury, you might wonder just what kind of experiment you are a part of now.

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