Questioning The Snowden Story

No one has done a more thorough job of critically analyzing the story of Edward Snowden than Sibel Edmonds.

Here is an editorial piece she recently did that contains links to her analyses.  Her questions of the inconsistencies of the story as the media and the people involved have presented it, as well as the behaviors of the journalists since that time, specifically the potential conflict of interest raised by going into business with former paypal executive/part-founder Omidyar (who also has connections to booz allen hamilton, Snowden’s former employer) are important facets of the story that have gone widely under reported.

These considerations are all the more questionable when compared with the treatment of another NSA whistleblower, Russell Tice ( a primary source for the 2005 New York Times expose of Bush administration wiretapping), who, since the Snowden story broke, has been more forthcoming, who is more credible, and whose revelations are severely damning, and illustrative of the abuse of power currently being perpetrated by the NSA (and the intelligence cartels writ large).

Sibel Edmonds interviewed him, and it went almost entirely unreported, overlooked, and when it was spoken about it was minimized.

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