Alternative Media

Poignant statement.

What we think of as valid or reasonable discourse is managed (tightly, I believe) by establishment sources: media, academic, political; and it is common to view anything outside the parameters of the establishment, as fringe, as bazaar, or as meaningless outliers—data that doesn’t connect to the narrative.

Yet the range of established normalcy is not reality, but merely a frame we have set over it. The above video hints at an important dialogue going on outside the frame; in fact, it seems more vital, more in-touch, and more honest than anything going on within the establishment, at least to me.

I support the rising alternative media, or as I heard James Corbett refer to it, Open Source Media.

There are too many sites that I frequent to name, though I ‘m sure I will be drawing from them extensively in the future, but I want to credit a few as great sources for information:

The video was produced by James Corbett at The Corbett Report, and he interviewed Larry Pinkney of The Intrepid Report.  The video itself was produced for the Boiling Frogs Post, which is run by Sibel Edmonds who wrote a book about being a whistleblower.

Also another great site is Blacklisted News, which will take you all over the globe and all across the web, finding disparate, interesting stories.

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