See What You See

Do you?  On the surface it seems like a silly question  “Do you see what you see?”  But there are many layers within it to ascertain, more than I can go into in a single tiny essay.  It would take more force than I have time to pay attention right now.

I have found in my own experience that individuals will sacrifice individual perception in order to fit into the authoritative narrative, even if, deep down you realize that the inkling you glanced upon on the fringes of your vision seemed far more potent, powerful, or real than what you are willing to tell others, or yourself.

Some people refuse to even consider that we put blinders on our own perception; nevertheless we can be coerced into doing just that.

So much of seeing what you see cycles around discourse and narrative, subjects I intend to delve into in the near future.

But for now I’m just going to link to  a blog of a writer that I deeply enjoy, and that I draw inspiration from.  It was this specific essay of his that helped move me to want to begin communicating my perspective in order to hone it.  He wrote it near Christmas and I could intimately relate to the feelings and drives contained therein.  Jon Rappoport.  It was by reading his work that I discovered the title for today’s entry, “See what you see.”

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