“Rant” by Diane Di Prima

I’m following up the last post with a video of the poem I used being read by its author. It’s so good, and I find her reading of it captivating.

I found this video here: http://gloucesterwriters.org/2010/uncategorized/diane-di-prima-reading-rant/

A couple lines have been repeating in my head the last couple of days:

“The war is the war for the human imagination and no one can fight it for you, and no one can fight it but you.”

There’s so much that bears saying just about these few lines, but I’ll save a long exposition for another day. However, these lines remind of a another quote that has arisen numerous times in conversations of late. It’s a quote by John Taylor Gatto:

“You either learn to write your own script, or become the unwitting actor in another person’s script.”

The quote can be found in this discussion with Gatto called The Ultimate History Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxCuc-2tfgk
It is totally worth the time investment to listen to the entire thing. I will no doubt be speaking more of it in the future.

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