Month: January 2014

See What You See

Do you?  On the surface it seems like a silly question  “Do you see what you see?”  But there are many layers within it to ascertain, more than I can go into in a single tiny essay.  It would take more force than I have time to pay attention right now.

I have found in my own experience that individuals will sacrifice individual perception in order to fit into the authoritative narrative, even if, deep down you realize that the inkling you glanced upon on the fringes of your vision seemed far more potent, powerful, or real than what you are willing to tell others, or yourself.

Some people refuse to even consider that we put blinders on our own perception; nevertheless we can be coerced into doing just that.

So much of seeing what you see cycles around discourse and narrative, subjects I intend to delve into in the near future.

But for now I’m just going to link to  a blog of a writer that I deeply enjoy, and that I draw inspiration from.  It was this specific essay of his that helped move me to want to begin communicating my perspective in order to hone it.  He wrote it near Christmas and I could intimately relate to the feelings and drives contained therein.  Jon Rappoport.  It was by reading his work that I discovered the title for today’s entry, “See what you see.”

Interesting Article: D’Souza

Interesting Article: D’Souza

Film maker Dinesh D’Souza is being brought up on questionable criminal charges relating to campaign donations.  Questionable in what context? Well it’s not often that people are brought up on charges for campaign financial misconduct in the first place; usually the penalty is a fine, and even more rarely are the charges criminal charges.  It should be noted that D’Souza made a documentary critical of Obama.  From my limited perspective this looks like the selective enforcement of the law, designed to silence a political enemy. 

In this article his producer, Gerald Molen, is being interviewed.  He is also the producer of Schindler’s List, which makes his comment, “I’ve never had the occasion to think that I had to fear my government. I never had the thought that I had reason to think I had to look over my shoulder until now,” somewhat ekphrastic, and juxtaposes life under an authoritarian regime with the current circumstances.

“Rant” by Diane Di Prima

I’m following up the last post with a video of the poem I used being read by its author. It’s so good, and I find her reading of it captivating.

I found this video here:

A couple lines have been repeating in my head the last couple of days:

“The war is the war for the human imagination and no one can fight it for you, and no one can fight it but you.”

There’s so much that bears saying just about these few lines, but I’ll save a long exposition for another day. However, these lines remind of a another quote that has arisen numerous times in conversations of late. It’s a quote by John Taylor Gatto:

“You either learn to write your own script, or become the unwitting actor in another person’s script.”

The quote can be found in this discussion with Gatto called The Ultimate History Lesson:
It is totally worth the time investment to listen to the entire thing. I will no doubt be speaking more of it in the future.


Here it begins.

With this inaugural post I guess I should state that I don’t wholly know what this blog will be about, which is one of the reasons I named it Seed Consciousness, since this will be a growing process, a first attempt.

I anticipate using this site as a resource for myself akin to an annotated bibliography for diverse, disparate kinds of information.  In this way I hope that other individuals will also be able to use it as a resource for the cultivation of their own ideas.

As I think that there is a tradition to read a poem for the maiden voyage of a sailing vessel, I’ve selected a poem to commemorate entering into new waters. It encapsulates the spirit I hope to manifest with Seed Consciousness.


By Diane Di Prima

You cannot write a single line w/out a cosmology
a cosmogony
laid out, before all eyes

there is no part of yourself you can separate out
saying, this is memory, this is sensation
this is the work I care about, this is how I
make a living

it is whole, it is a whole, it always was whole
you do not “make” it so
there is nothing to integrate, you are a presence
you are an appendage of the work, the work stems from
hangs from the heaven you create

every man / every woman carries a firmament inside
& the stars in it are not the stars in the sky

w/out imagination there is no memory
w/out imagination there is no sensation
w/out imagination there is no will, desire

history is a living weapon in yr hand
& you have imagined it, it is thus that you
“find out for yourself”
history is the dream of what can be, it is
the relation between things in a continuum

of imagination
what you find out for yourself is what you select
out of an infinite sea of possibility
no one can inhabit yr world

yet it is not lonely,
the ground of imagination is fearlessness
discourse is video tape of a movie of a shadow play
but the puppets are in yr hand
your counters in a multidimensional chess
which is divination
& strategy

the war that matters is the war against the imagination
all other wars are subsumed in it.

the ultimate famine is the starvation
of the imagination

it is death to be sure, but the undead
seek to inhabit someone else’s world

the ultimate claustrophobia is the syllogism
the ultimate claustrophobia is “it all adds up”
nothing adds up & nothing stands in for
anything else



There is no way out of a spiritual battle
There is no way you can avoid taking sides
There is no way you can not have a poetics
no matter what you do: plumber, baker, teacher

you do it in the consciousness of making
or not making yr world
you have a poetics: you step into the world
like a suit of readymade clothes

or you etch in light
your firmament spills into the shape of your room
the shape of the poem, of yr body, of yr loves

A woman’s life / a man’s life is an allegory

Dig it

There is no way out of the spiritual battle
the war is the war against the imagination
you can’t sign up as a conscientious objector

the war of the worlds hangs here, right now, in the balance
it is a war for this world, to keep it
a vale of soul-making

the taste in all our mouths is the taste of power
and it is bitter as death

bring yr self home to yrself, enter the garden
the guy at the gate w/ the flaming sword is yrself

the war is the war for the human imagination
and no one can fight it but you/ & no one can fight it for you

The imagination is not only holy, it is precise
it is not only fierce, it is practical
men die everyday for the lack of it,
it is vast & elegant

intellectus means “light of the mind”
it is not discourse it is not even language
the inner sun

the polis is constellated around the sun
the fire is central