At Dusk

The unwashed masses will look up to the sky, and a mighty roar will tremble the Country, as they cheer for higher wages, before returning to their lives of quiet desperation, sloping home as the sun falls beyond the horizon.

Places in Time, Ripples of Significant Events

This is not a beginning, if there is one. This is not even an investigation in to apprehending the causes of the world today. This is simply a when, a time frame, maybe of two hundred years, and a where, places to gather and to organize.

Looking at the history of England I don’t think many layman outside the country (myself included), are very familiar with the time period centered around the beginning of the 13th century, starting about 100 years after the Norman Conquest of England. On a continental scale the second crusade was taking place with minute success (The crusades themselves are of tremendous import to the history of the world, yet little is known of them).  The Templar Knights benefited greatly during this time period gaining lucrative tributes, investments, and accounts from pilgrims and soldiers.  With their wealth they constructed many churches, cathedrals, and castles, which is widely known. The specific place I want to make note of is Temple Church, the church for the Templars in London, located on the Thames on the western tip of what is now the City of London, the financial district that is a district within greater London, but not legally part of the city, the nation, or the union if I’m not mistaken.  Intriguingly, the area, known as temple, is not under the jurisdiction of the City of London either, but is an independent extra-parochial area, or Liberty.

Around the church developed hostels for the legal councils of the Templar, which over time became schools in their own right known as Inner Temple, and Middle Temple, two of the four inns of court for England and Wales, to which barristers belonged to.  It should be noted that a third inn of court, Lincoln’s Inn, was established in Holborn, near High Holborn and chancery lane, where the Templars met before they moved to Temple Church, their old meeting building becoming first, the home of the Bishop of Lincoln, and then later the home of the Earl of Southhampton.  Also in this area is the Law Society (this however was not established until centuries later).

So here in this little part of London at this time are the beginnings of the modern legal system that has been the most influential system of law since Rome with the Knights Templar’s legal staff.  Were these the first international banking lawyers?

And it should be noted that in this same period is the spiritual foundation of English law, the signing of the Magna Carta Libertatum, or “The Great Charter of The Liberties”.  The Magna Carta was negotiated by Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury.

I will also make note of Arundel House, owned by bishops, and then the first Earl of Southhampton.  It is set next to the Middle Temple, and is home to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think tank in the vain of the RAND Corporation.


Interestingly, today is earth day.  I don’t know the origin of that.  It correlates quite a bit with The World card of the Major Arcana.


Born, reborn, spring, entering the world. A joyful beauty greets you. Here we see the return of the four corners, and a winding wreath that suggests the ouroboros, the snake the wraps itself around the world, creature of the mysteries, self-sustaining, or speaking itself into existence.

And who is it that has been born? Has the fool transcended the bindings, walking now in more worlds? Or, learning nothing, at the beginning of his journey again.

Nine more days to May 1st is time to orient yourself on this nodal point of the great throne of The Lord. Recognize the cycles and move beyond them.  We, made of the earth, let us find spirit and connect ourselves to soul.


A prince is dead. The Judgment of his character is being decided by mass media as of this writing.

We sacrifice something we hold dear for the benedictions of the gods. Equal exchange principle from full-metal.


Judgment can be understood as discernment. Rather than receiving judgment, one gains discernment.  With discernment your dead experiences gain new life and vigor. To awaken these senses you must have specially trained ears to hear the calling. You must be able to hear with your heart and mind as one.  Such a heart is lighter than a feather. Release your senses and be greeted with a new existence, a rebirth.

In this card the masculine and the feminine have reversed and now have a child to bear. the balanced initiate who knows the song of discernment is in the four chambers of his heart.

The Sun Also Rises

Yesterday there was a volcanic eruption in Mexico. The images of the ash falling shows a  ferris wheel, a symbol of the sun and masonry.

XIX_The-Sun001The sun is born, but is it the real light of this world? Behold, the pale horse thinks not. There is more to unveil.  Do not be fooled by the brightness of the external world and all it offers, or your sunny ego. It claims to be the center of too much, when it is simply the herald of the true son, whether he knows it or not. Humble your self. be open and you shall find the light enveloping you infinitely. From this the flower grows.

Tonight is the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower, which occurs in April at this time.  The moon has also been consorting with jupiter right along the ecliptic. They were closest on the Seventeenth, and now she has passed Jupiter by and has entered the Sun’s (apparent) ecliptic line.  These no doubt have significance in astrology, but I am nescient of such things.

It is also Walpurgis night. Or Night of the Witch, as it was called in northern Europe going back to antiquity I suppose. This is a time of year of great tumult whether we are speaking of the Oklahoma city bombing, the Bavarian Bolshevik Revolution, or “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World,” The precursor to the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord, to name but I a few.

Perhaps this time period often has the Moon crossing the ecliptic of the sun, which could have potentially seemed significant to ancient astronomers.  Most people don’t know that these events are still significant in our modern times, and an investigation into war strategy, shuttle launches, and political decisions have been made for astrological, rather than, presumably, logical, reasons.

Strangely this year was the earthquakes that took place on the 17th felt in both Japan and, more severely, very severely in Equador (named for the equator), when jupiter and the moon were kissing, and while I was writing about The Tower card with it’s foundations shaken to the ground by a thunderbolt from the sky (Zeus, Jupiter).

Today a replica of the “Temple of Ba’al”, or at least its gate was presented in Trafalgar Square, although, despite reports, the same replica was not shown in New York.  I wonder if anyone got a chance to walk through he gates today.


For me it is the night of The Moon card, a card that conveys a sense of tension, and tumult. Animalistic forces are prevalent.  The Moon governs the tides, and with he moon high the tides are rising.  I will relate these forces to birth, though I think they have a far broader and multifaceted meaning than that.  To the initiate though, he is being reborn. the tension and the waves are the contractions of the divine mother.  I have heard that birth is the first time a child will experience love making (bizarre I know).  Could we be seeing a solar eclipse with The Moon Card? Tension and hardship brought on by the tidal forces of life allows one to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, creative potential and continuous rebirth. Whose world are you born into?  This is not something we have the power to control, but we have the ability to be conscious of our own perception in order to frame reality.

The wise receive the crown of the crescent moon above their brow when the spirit has risen within them.

Piercing The Shadow

Behold, the star in the sky. It nourishes us. It’s energy flows into us like falling water, and washes away trouble. It renews us. It signifies resurrection.

No darkness is ever so vast that there is no star light.  No matter the difficulty of travails the celestial bodies are watching over you at all times even when you don’t perceive them. They will nourish you.  Find these sources of rejuvenation and they will guide you through the hardship of the night of the soul.


I am reminded of the story in the gospels of the star heralding the coming of the true king, messiah, christ. I think many people who are not themselves Christian resent the story, or what they no of it, but I can’t say I feel this way.  Particularly this beginning with the star in the sky, signifying a birth. It is a heartwarming, nourishing story to me. Be on the look out for a celestial message of good tidings.

A heavenly message of good tidings, tidings like the ripples of water emanating forth from the maiden’s carafes, waters released like the birth waters of the divine mother issuing forth. A birth, contrary to modern opinion is good tidings.

The initiate, immersed in darkness, rediscovering himself, rebuilding his foundations, must ride the waves towards the light, both gentle currents and fierce tremors, they are the contractions of a divine force seeking to birth you into the world.

The ancients believed this was a time when generative forces were being imbued back into the cosmos around them. Magi supposed that this was a time where our physical world met the vertex of the world of light beyond.  A formula performed correctly at this time could become imbued with these forces more potently, and lend greater power, and telos to one’s objective, increasing the likelihood and potency of the outcome.

The wise would look for a message for when the time is at hand.

Hidden Force

I have more to say than I’ve been able to put on post because of self-created time constraints, but I want to get an obscure idea out.  I conceived of this notion along with this self made prompt for writing which I’ve been following since April Fool’s day.  It’s a speculation on my part that a real type of initiatory process is occurring right now for some occult group (I don’t know what group, and I couldn’t even speculate, but I am thinking it would be a high order).  April Fool’s day is neophyte day, and over the next 21 days some group goes through the initiatory rites in a progression akin to the Tarot.

Synchronistically, I was reading the New York Times and I found out that a Syrian temple, A solar temple dedicated to  Ba’al (an epithet widely applied to solar deities thought the levant of pre-antiquity and antiquity), that was destroyed by ISIS (an ambiguous criminal organization that doesn’t go by that name, yet western media continuously use as an abbreviation, and just so happens to be the name of the central female deity in Egyptian religion), is being rebuilt in Times Square and Trafalgar Square and will be exhibited starting on the 19th, which is the number given the Sun Card, and the Moon Card could be called the 19th card if you count from the fool (In greek and roman times Isis was associated with the Moon, and in ancient Egypt was associated with the Sun, but also Sirius).  The 19th is also Walpurgis Night, and I believe it is when the Sun passes into the house of Taurus.  Taurus is, as has been discussed in previous posts, heavily signified within the Tarot (although one could say this about the entire Zodiac).

While this all could simply be seen as synchronistic nonsense, I don’t see it as out of the realm of possibility that an initiatory group would be passing through the arches of this temple replica, as a symbolic form of passing into a new world, or perhaps using it as a kind of crossroads gate to connect with occult forces (in their minds, even if it is only meant ritually).  The 19th and 20th mark the beginning of  World Heritage week, a UNESCO thing, and I would feel remiss if I did’t mention that the last card is The World.

It has also crossed my mind that we are all part of this yearly initiatory process, a cycle if you will, but we return through our voyage back into the world as the same fools we always were, having not completed the initiation.  Beltane was a holiday the Celts celebrated on May 1st.  Some speculate that it was a significant day because it was when the  people would drive their cattle to summer pastures.  They would drive the cattle between two large flames that was said to keep the cattle healthy for the year.  Today maybe social engineers, through propaganda and marketing magic, metaphorically drive their cash cattle into summer pastures this time of year, mold for us a new corral that we are led into and accept our new reality as the reality that has always been.

On the dark side of all this is the notion that a sacrifice of some kind would be carried out to appease some occult forces, horrible atrocities are the burning fires we are driven through to purge us of doubts about our safety. It is an election year, and a topsy turvy time altogether, a time of high anxiety. If someone were in a position of appropriate leverage, such a person could truly maneuver the herds.


The Tower. The energy moves wrong, out of balance with the heavens, and sends the masculine and feminine careening away from one another towards the ground. Build a good foundation. Check your balance. Have humility before the true king.

Devil Card


An ominous card. It looks ominous, and one would think that its implications are obvious, but I am not so sure.  Exploring your darkness will bring you to some vision akin to this.  Something that instills worry and trepidation.  We all get the feeling like there is something flawed within us. I have talked with both atheists, sciencists and religionists who are haunted by this idea.  we also get the feeling like there is something terrible and threatening “out there”. It is unnerving and glossed over in polite conversations.

Looking at the card, however,is an opportunity to reflect on the act of perception itself.  The image stimulates a fear that stares into us. Dread, doubt and self loathing, too, emanates from our perception and we cast it onto the world around us.

The fear is within, and you perpetuate malevolence  with your distorted gaze. Disconnect from these destructive ways of seeing, and walk passed the chimeras that haunt the psyche.  Then you will find a reservoir of creative energy potential.Devil



Temper the steel means to forge it and shape it under intense heat. This perhaps can be done internally with one’s spirit. Like the Temperance card shows one foot is in the earth. The other is in the water. Like a plant the spirit needs to root itself and water to flow through it.  the being has wings to catch the air and fly.  The sun symbol resides on his forehead alluding to the fire of his mind, the upper will, burning within, also in his heart represented by the triangle, perhaps representative of alchemical sulphur, the fire of mind and soul, pulled into the heart. Is the water being poured downward, gathered into the cup? Or upward, drawn by the internal fire that tempers the body, that grows the spirit. like a blossoming flower.